How did YOU discover YOUR passion?

We all have a Passion – maybe more than one. We don’t always discover it at the same point in our lives, though.

Sometimes we have to encounter a variety of experiences before something ‘clicks’ for us. We may drift from one college major to another, or from one type of job to another, and not really feel like we are part of something bigger.

Sometimes our Passion tries to present itself to us, repeatedly, only to have us push it back down and suppress it because we don’t yet understand it’s importance or it’s relevance to us.

Sometimes we allow others to impress THEIR Passion upon us. We choose our career based on what someone else has told us we should do. Unfortunately, OPP (Other People’s Passion) is rarely aligned with our own personal Passion and no matter what amount of success we achieve with OPP, we will not feel fulfilled or satisfied with our lives.

The most fortunate among us discover our Passion early and allow it serve as a beacon for our lives. A light that we use to guide our decisions and our choices.

Have you discovered your unique Passion yet? Are you vigorously pursuing it? If not, why not?

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