The Achievement Protocol

“Its clear, concise, step by step , no fluff roadmap to accomplishment earns it the name The Achievement Protocol”

The Achievement Protocol was written for people of any age or any walk of life that have some sense that life could be better or more fulfilling, but are unsure how to go about finding that fulfillment. Using the simple, straight-forward, and concrete steps established by the author, you will be able to achieve any goal that you are passionate about, and you will be able live a full and fulfilling life in the process. This system combines the techniques used by all successful business leaders, and puts them into a form that can be used by virtually anyone of any background between the ages of 14 and 104.txt_TheAchievementProtocol The Achievement Protocol is a synthesis of the proven processes of Strategic Planning, Project Management and Time Management, all distilled, condensed and combined in an easy to use format for anyone to follow.

“I have been reading motivational and “self help” books of all kinds for more than 40 years. Some are good and some not so good. I put Dennis Houchin’s latest book squarely on top of the good stack.”

“The Achievement Protocol is a priceless gift. A Treasure of Truth that shows you, step-by-step, that you can pursue your passion and make it an integral part of your life.”

” I’ve been a fan of books like Getting Things Done [by David Allen] for years, and I still learned something new from this book that will help me achieve my goals more effectively.”

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